MEC Top Defensive Players – Midseason


Despite all the high-scoring in the MEC, there are still a number of defensive players making plays for their teams! Here’s who is leading in the conference so far!

Credit: James Brewerton

1. Rick McEwen, Manchester Titans – 20 Points

Rick has rocketed up our leaderboard after not featuring in the top 5 in our last update. He’s hurt offences in a number of ways, with two defensive interceptions returned for scores, along with three sacks, a TFL and safety. He’s a versatile defender for the Titans, who have made a strong playoff push this season.

Credit: James Brewerton

T- 2. Phil Watson, Newcastle Blackhawks – 16 Points

Unlike Rick, Phil has done his damage in one area, but he’s a master in the art of blitzing. He has 12 sacks so far, while grabbing two safeties. His range is obvious, but his technique is perfect, and he forces opposing QBs to adjust their game plans. He is a big reason for the Newcastle Blackhawks defence being so stingy so far this season.

T- 2. Michael Webster, Sheffield Giants – 16 Points

Like Phil, Michael is an exceptional presence for his team, with only one less sack than the Blackhawk. When the opposition try to adjust and run the ball against the Giants, Michael has been awesome, with 3 tackles for a loss in such plays. Him and Phil are within touching distance of Rick, meaning this race will go right down to the wire.

Credit: James Brewerton

3. Sam Wynne, Cheshire Cavaliers – 15 Points

Sam topped our charts last time out, but now sits only 5 points off the lead . The Cavalier has been an important player for the Cheshire outfit this year, and will look to reclaim his position at the top of the leaderboard as the season progresses. He’s another excellent blitzer, which the MEC seems to have plenty of!

T-4. Max Verlint, Kyle Sharp, David Gough – 12 Points

The Giant, Knight and Cavalier (respectively) all have the exact same stat line. All of these players have snagged 6 interceptions apiece, while returning one for a score each. The race for the top defensive MEC player is tight, and those pick 6 plays are invaluable.


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