MEC Top Offensive Players – Midseason

With all the high scoring in the MEC, It’s no surprised that we’re seeing some offensive stars putting up impressive numbers. Here’s who’s leading the division at the midway point!

Credit: Jimmy Thomson

1. Josh Allen, Sheffield Giants – 146 Points

We’re gonna blow our own ┬átrumpet here, but we did say in our offensive player of the season preview that Josh had a great chance to be dominant this year. He has not disappointed in the slightest, as he’s been downright unstoppable so far this year. He holds a fairly comfortable lead over the chasing pack, however as the Sheffield Giants welcome back a number of talented players, they may start to spread the ball around, limiting Josh’s output.

Credit: James Brewerton

2. David McInally, Manchester Titans – 124 Points

While the Titans have been one of the most pleasant surprises this season, you can thank David for providing the spark for their rise to the top of the MEC Central division. David is rarely slowed down against superior opposition, as he’s racked up multiple touchdowns against the Newcastle Blackhawks and Sheffield Giants. He’s got a decent opportunity to catch Josh as the Titans’ schedule eases up slightly, meaning this race will come right down to the wire!

Credit: James Brewerton

3. James Durham, Manchester Crows – 120 Points

A new entry! James has emerged as the leading receiver for the talented Crows team, and is a huge reason why the Crows look good for a playoff spot. James has good height and great hands, making him a difficult task for any defensive player. He sits less than a TD behind David, however James has the stingy Newcastle Blackhawks still to play. If he can come out of that contest with a decent output, James has every chance of catching David, or Josh…

Credit: James Brewerton

4. Chris Smith, Wigan Warhawks, 88 Points

Chris sits some way off the trio of Josh, David and James, however he has emerged as the top target for the Warhawks. With uncertainty surrounding the Warhawks QB position in the past, Chris has remained a steady contributor for whoever goes under centre with an excellent 14 TD output.

Credit: Jimmy Thomson

5. Mike Dunn, Newcastle Blackhawks, 84 Points

Mike rounds off our top 5 after moving down one place from our last countdown. Don’t be fooled though, as Mike sits in this position despite missing an entire gameday for the Blackhawks. He hasn’t missed a beat since his return to the Newcastle outfit, and has reminded the MEC defenders what they were missing last year as he’s snagged 13 TDs and 6 XPs. Mike would likely be a lot higher if it was not for the aforementioned missed opportunity to add to his total, but he’ll be more interested in the Blackhawks remaining undefeated.

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