Opal Series South Game-week 2 – 5 Things We Learned

The South Opal Series had two teams coming back from foreign excursions at Champions Bowl! After both the Coventry Cougars and Hyde Park Renegades posted fantastic results overseas, we see how they did on their return to domestic competition!

Cougars Keep Rolling

Teams who go to European contests can either came back fatigued and on a comedown, or they can return stronger than ever. The latter applies to the Coventry Cougars’ performances against the Wolverines, Dreadnoughts and Saxons. The Cougars posted 265 points in only three games on the day, and look like they’re destined to make the final yet again! Don’t forget about the defence though, as they conceded zero points this past weekend.

Renegades Return to Form

After week one, there was enough reason for us to worry about Hyde Park’s championship credentials. With a limited squad, they suffered a heavy defeat to the Cougars, and struggled to put the Cougars Juniors away. Three comfortable wins this past game-day gives us a bit more confidence about their position in the south. They seem firmly entrenched as the #2 seed as things stand, but they have the athletes and savvy to challenge the Cougars, as they picked up a win against them last season. The Renegades overcame the Dreadnoughts, Wolverines and Black Widows to solidify their playoff position.

Widows Get Separation

Despite losing to the Renegades, the Black Widows had another solid performance in game-week two, as they further added to the ranks, and added to their wins. With even more talented players to choose from, the Widows picked up a massive win over the Cougars Junior, and also kept the Wolverines off the scoreboard in a 39-0 win. The Black Widows have the same number of wins as the Renegades, but their schedule is about to ramp up in difficulty! At 5-2, they still have the 3-3 Cougars Juniors to look out for, as they continue to chase down the 5-1 Renegades.

Worrying Wolverines

The Warwick Wolverines have enjoyed success in the past. The side have been contenders at Big Bowl, and have had several players called up to the GB Lions squad. That seems like a very distant memory however, as the Wolverines managed zero points on game-week 2. Three heavy losses to the Cougars, Widows and Renegades leaves them 0-6, and they face an uphill struggle to salvage their season.

This is arguably the hardest game-day of the season for the Wolverines, as they were facing the de facto top three team in the division – easier matchups are on the horizon.

Saxons So Close

At 0-6, the Saxons are also looking for a miracle to save their season. The picture could have looked a lot healthier if they’d managed to pull off a win against the improved Portsmouth Dreadnoughts side. They fell by a solitary score, 19-12, as the Dreadnoughts surged to 3-4. If the Saxons picked up the win, they’ve had been a single win back, but for now they’ll just be happy to pick up a win.

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