Opal Series South Game-week Three – 5 Things We Learned

There’s not much time left for teams in the South to make a move on the playoff positions! In the penultimate set of fixtures, we have just as many questions are we did before! Here’s the 5 things we learned from Opal Series South!

Coventry Slowing Down?

After putting 110 points up in one game during week 2, we couldn’t wait for the next act in the Cougars season. What we got was three strong wins, but we got the Cougars’ lowest points output of the season – a cagey 47-6 win over the Cougars Youth.

In all seriousness, the Cougars are putting up Madden scores this season, and looking nearly invincible. They have the Black Widows, Dreadnoughts and Renegades to test them in the final week of the season. Could we see a loss? We doubt it greatly, but it would give the playoffs a wrinkle.

Hyde Park Surge

After their week one loss to the Cougars, we had lots of questions about the Renegades from Hyde Park. They’ve been imperious since, as they’ve given themselves a nice cushion over the Black Widows with a dominating 46-9 win. That’s far more like the team we saw last season.

Their final game-day has them down for 4 games, as they’ll need a perfect day to catch the Cougars. Even then, they need a massive swing in point differential. They’ll be firmly at #2 coming into the postseason.

Widows and Cougars Seeding Battle

The Widows had little opportunity to improve on their position with only two games in week 3. They lost handily to the Renegades before dispatching of the Portsmouth Dreadnoughts. Meanwhile the Cougars Youth now sit just a game behind the Widows at 5-4. They face off in the final game-day of the season in, what could be, a huge battle with major playoff implications! The Cougars youth looked excellent in their victories this past game-days, so they could be clicking at the right time!

Dreadnoughts Sunk

The Portsmouth Dreadnoughts were the unfortunate side that went 0-2 in week 3, as their playoff push is effectively over. They sit 3-6 with 3 games remaining, but they’re some toughies. The Cougars and Cougars Youth are likely to be losses, but the Dreadnoughts can be proud of how long they stuck around in a stacked South division!

Wolverines off the Mark

The Warwick Wolverines finally got W this past game-day, as they downed the Staffordshire Saxons 18-0. It’s not been the return to the Opal Series that the Wolverines would have liked, but the team formerly accustomed to the playoffs can build off this first victory in their re-debut.

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