Premier Division North Offensive Player of the Year – The Winner

So its that time of the year again where we announce the FFW stat leaders for the 2018 season. This year is slightly different as we have paternered up with our friends at Football America UK to provide some prizes to our winners.  There’s been a lot of moving and shaking at the top of our Premier North offensive players countdown. Here’s the bronze, silver and gold medal winners!

Credit: Sheffield Vipers

3. Daniel Sellwood, Sheffield Vipers, 9.47 PPG

We’ve said it time and time again, but Daniel has been a revelation for the Vipers this season. In an already relatively strong offence, he’s given them an extra option, which has been a huge reason for their survival. He’s a crisp route runner with very good hands. His chemistry with QB Keith Woodley was undeniable as he romped his way to 22 TDs for the year – 2nd best in the North.


Credit: Jimmy T

2. Mantas Ceckauskas, Sheffield Giants, 10.4 PPG

Mantas’ debut season for the Giants has been a magnificent one, as he’s filled the void left by Tim Darracott and Chris Winrow with ease. He’s become the go-to man for the Giants, with 23 TDs scored. He’s got the 2nd most XPs as well with 14, and the joint-most 2XP conversions. Mantas has improved year on year, and the Giants might miss him as he moves south for the next BAFA season. We expected him to be a good contributor – not steal the show like he has.

1. Gary Elliott, Aberdeen Oilcats, 10.93 PPG

While Aberdeen were unfortunate to miss out on a higher seeding at Britbowl due to the fact they played less games than the MEC, Gary was the benefactor of this, as he tied Mantas for TDs, but had one less XP and 2XP. He did it in less games though, and has earned our Offensive Player of the Year award!

We spoke to Andrew Gibson, defensive captain of the Glasgow Hornets, to ask him just why Gary is so successful on defence:

“I’ve said in the past, but you can’t really stop Gary, you can only hope to contain him. In the two games we played against him this year we saw him absolutely dominate. When he does that, it makes you panic. There aren’t many players around in the UK that you absolutely have to game-plan for specifically.

His physical presence, while rare, can be found dotted in other teams throughout the league. What makes Gary special is his football IQ and understanding of flag. His routes are great, he finds space like nobody else, plus he’s extremely elusive. If all else fails, just throw a jump-ball his way and he’ll come down with it. I’m not sure what Aberdeen would look like without him, but with him, they’re one of the best teams in the UK.”

Congratulations Gary! In partnership with our friends at Football America, the one stop shop for all things American Football, Gary will receive a custom hoodie for his efforts!

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