Premier Division North Offensive Player of the Year Update

With the competition heating up, some familiar faces top our top 10 offensive players in the Premier North countdown! Here’s the list of the top scorers!

Credit: Sheffield Vipers

1. Daniel Sellwood, Sheffield Vipers, 11.7 PPG

Daniel has been a revelation for the Sheffield Vipers, who have been struggling for much of the year. He’s got obvious chemistry with Keith Woodley, and the QB’s return to the starting lineup has seen Daniel dominate against his opposition. He’s got 18 TDs in his debut season, which is an incredible accomplishment.

2. Mantas Ceckauskas, Sheffield Giants, 10 PPG

Mantas’ arrival to the Sheffield Giants figured to add another dimension to their already potent offence. The former Newcastle Blackhawk has been just that, with 15 TDs to his name already. He’s not just added to the offence – he’s become the focal point of a fearsome attack.

3. Callum Woods, Grangemouth Broncos, 9.6 PPG

With the rest of his team on the treatment table, Callum has reaped the benefits with 15 TDs of his own so far. Callum plays primarily at centre, taking short and intermediate passes to the house with ease. His blazing speed and excellent hands make him a matchup nightmare for any defender.

4. Grant McLennan, Glasgow Hornets, 9.4 PPG

Leading the way for the Hornets receivers is the veteran receiver. He’s as elusive as ever, and seemingly even tougher to cover. He’s slowed down a little bit in the middle of the season, as the Hornets have been forced to adapt by their opponents. An injury in the last game-day might end his bid to win this category, but the greyhound should be back to full strength for Britbowl.

5. Greg Sim, Aberdeen Oilcats, 9.3 PPG

Coming in just behind Grant is the excellent Oilcats receiver. Greg has excellent chemistry with QB Scott McDonald, and has kept his strong performance up throughout the cross-conferences games. A shoulder injury has been a speed bump in an otherwise stellar season, and we hope Greg is back on the field and causing more havoc this weekend!

Here’s the rest of our top 10!

6. Jay Pitchford, Manchester Titans, 9.1 PPG
7. Gary Elliot, Aberdeen Oilcats, 9 PPG
T-8. Rich McEwen, Manchester Titans, 8.7 PPG
T-8. Richard Moore, Glasgow Hornets, 8.7 PPG
10. Julian Holburn-White, Glasgow Hornets, 8.2 PPG

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