Premier Division South Offensive Player of the Year- The Winner

There were some downright disgusting scorers in the South Premier Division, and there podium spots were hotly contested – especially the top prize! Here’s the top 3 offensive players in the South!

Credit: James Brewerton

3. Corey Bedford, Chichester Sharks, 13.79 PPG

Corey has had another banner year, even if the rest of his side didn’t quite do enough to keep the Sharks afloat in the Premier Division. The Chichester side will lean on their young star when they take part in the first promotion/relegation playoff. Corey is one of the more versatile receivers in the Premier Division, and despite not having the stature of the more physical receivers, his smaller frame, lightning speed and crisp routes mean he’s still a matchup nightmare.

Credit: Jimmy Thomson

2. Michael Bradley-Banszki, Baker Street Buttonhookers, 15.14 PPG

MBB made his bow in the BAFA leagues with a tremendous debut season, racking up 35 TDs in the explosive Buttonhookers offence. Truthfully, he’s added another dimension to the Buttonhookers offence, as he has too much speed for teams to handle, while also having an awesome catch radius. He was named MVP of the Britbowl final, as the Baker Street side went back-to-back, and arguably looked more convincing this year with MBB in the lineup. He misses out narrowly to…

1. Dan Benning, Aylesbury Vale Spartans, 15.2 PPG

Speaking of back-to-back winners, Dan picks up his second Offensive Player of the Year award, and we’re sure this win will feel even sweeter with the upswing in the level of competition. We caught up with Dan’s coach and QB, Jeff Bond, about his win!

“Last year I said, ‘You haven’t seen anything yet’ from Dan Benning, and I was right. 2 years running offensive player MVP is a huge achievement especially as he managed to find the end zone even more times than he did last year! What’s most impressive about this is that it was against all Premier teams.

Dan is known for his great hands and route running but his just as dangerous with his yards after catch (he would have a Madden rating of 99 elusiveness).

Dan is currently roaming South America but when he returns I’m sure he will pick up exactly where he left off. Dan is an absolute baller and all of us Spartan’ are so proud of him. He is complete class both on and off of the field. Congratulations Dan well deserved!”

In partnership with our friends at Football America, the one stop shop for all things American Football, Dan will receive a custom hoodie for his efforts!

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