SEC Defensive Player of the Year – The Winner

It’s time to name the winners of the SEC Defensive Player of the Year! We need to disclose that we were missing a number (3 in total) stat sheets from this conference. While what was on those sheets was unlikely to change any winners, we felt it was only appropriate that this should be included in our announcement. Similarly, the SEC was marred by a number of forfeits, meaning some players missed out on opportunities to increase their totals. We will review our scoring for next year, but for now, volume stats were used to announce the winner, as opposed to averages.

Credit: Kenny Bello

1. Kenny Bello, London Rebels – 29 Points

We predicted Kenny would be a force in the Offensive Player of the Year rankings, but it’s been on defence where he’s done the majority of his damage. His all-round game has been highlighted by winning our inaugural Defensive Player of the Year award! With a couple of sacks, and a rare 2XP return, Kenny finds himself just above his teammate in the standing. In an injury plagued season, the Rebel has been a thorn in the sides of opposition QBs when he’s been on the field, and needs to be accounted for on every snap. We spoke to teammate Rich Cooling about Kenny’s defensive prowess:

What makes him so good is his athleticism on the back end which allows everyone else to play more aggressively. Every-time he does get a pick he is always a threat to score

Congratulations to Kenny for his award winning season!

2. Richard Cooling, London Rebels – 24 Points

Richard finds himself second in the rankings after 6 interceptions and taking 3 to the end zone. Richard has been an awesome defensive presence for years, and snagged a huge interception in last year’s Britbowl final. He’s an important piece of the puzzle for the Rebels, and had another excellent season.

3. Phil Kennett, Ware Wolves – 21 Points

Phil Kennett is a true defensive switchblade for the Wolves. He’s one of the few players in the league who’ve grabbed both a safety and defensive touchdown. Often employed in coverage and as a blitzer, Phil shows every game that he can do it all.

4. Mark Streather, Victoria Park Panthers – 18 Points

Mark is widely regarded as one of the more underrated defensive players in the league. As a member of the Victoria Park Panthers, he has competed at various international tournaments, and brings that experience gained to his league play. We’re not surprised to see him finish in the top 5, and we’ll no doubt see his name mentioned much more in the future!

T-5. Jean Noel-Lam & Tim Eaton, London Rebels – 17 Points

Sensationally, that’s now 4 defensive players finishing in the top 5 for the London Rebels. Tim has been a mainstay in our countdown all season, whereas Jean propelled up the charts with his awesome production late in the season

T-5. Russell Cameron, Reading Lions – 17 Points

Unlike the other’s on this list, Russell is a blitzing specialist, as he finished the year with 10 sacks and 2 safeties. He did all this damage during a truncated schedule also, making it even more impressive.

Here’s how the rest of the top 10 look!

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