SEC Offensive Player of the Year – The Winner


It’s time to name the winners of the SEC Offensive Player of the Year! We need to disclose that we were missing a number (3 in total) stat sheets from this conference. While what was on those sheets was unlikely to change any winners, we felt it was only appropriate that this should be included in our announcement. Similarly, the SEC was marred by a number of forfeits, meaning some players missed out on opportunities to increase their totals. We will review our scoring for next year, but for now, volume stats were used to announce the winner, as opposed to averages.

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1. Dan Benning, Aylesbury Vale Spartans – 169 Points

Dan Benning finishes top after a long season of SEC action! Dan has been a consistent performer all season for the Spartans and a large reason they claimed their first division title. Impressively, he’s productive regardless of who plays under centre for the Spartans, who employ two quarterbacks in their offence at times. With an incredible 26 TDs and 13 XPs, Dan finishes just 4 points ahead of his closest rival. We spoke to teammate Jeff Bond about Dan’s season:

Dan is clearly a fantastic player but what makes him great is his hunger to compete and win. He plays with an intensity that is underlined by a deep intelligence and knowledge of the game. Dan’s talents have earned him a GB squad call up this year.

If Dan was a player in Madden he would have an elusiveness rating of 99 with many of his touchdowns being scored with his work after the catch. Personally, I think this season was a small sample of what he is capable of. Expect to see him smash every single yard, reception, TD, pick, sack that he has set this year because that’s who Dan Benning is. He’s a beast!

Congratulations to Dan on his award winning season!

2. Corey Bedford, Chichester Sharks – 165 Points

Corey will no doubt feel hard done by, as he missed out on opportunities to add to his total as his final game-day was essentially cancelled. However Corey can be delighted with his season as the Sharks hoisted the division crown in impressive fashion. Corey’s play has been outstanding all year, as the young Shark snagged 26 TDs of his own. Like Benning, his play has earned him a spot on the GB Silver squad. We will no doubt be seeing Corey topping these charts in the future as he continues his upwards trajectory.

3. Charles Douglas, Victoria Park Panthers – 155 Points

The man they call “Hovis” finished in the bronze medal position after another stellar season. In arguably the toughest division in the league, Charles produced when the lights were brightest, scoring multiple TDs against the Buttonhookers and Rebels.  With 24 TDs and 11 XPs, Charles finished second in the conference for both categories despite missing an entire game day due to injury.

4. Steve Mongey, Baker St. Buttonhookers – 131 Points

Steve leads the talented Buttonhookers receivers with 20 TDs this season. The Baker St. squad played offensively with their pedal to the metal in every game, and Steve was a constant threat to opposition defences. Despite being a BAFA debutant, he’s earned plaudits as one of the truly elite route runners in the country, evidenced by his selection to the GB squad headed to Euros this year. He became the most reliable target in a prolific offence and winds up at number 4 on our countdown.

5. Akshay Singal, London Rebels – 123 Points

While people might expect Kenny Bello to lead the Rebels receivers, they shouldn’t be surprised to see Akshay’s name so high on our rankings. Akshay has been a constant presence for the Rebels for a number of years, and has great chemistry with QB Calvin Tarlton. Scoring 19 TDs in such a loaded offence is a tremendous achievement for the Rebel.

Here’s how the rest of the top 10 looked!


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