SEC QB Week One Rankings

The SEC finally joined in the fun of the 2017 season and the QBs in the conference certainly did not disappoint. Here’s the leaders after one week of action – (gentle reminder that it’s 4 points per TD, 2 points off for a pick, 1 for a sack taken, and points are awarded for each XP you score!)


1. Nick Bertenshaw, West Essex Showboats – 77 Points

It really comes as no surprise to anyone that Nick is top after one week of action. He has a talented crop of receivers to spread the ball around to, and has all the experience required to utilise them. He punished the rest of the SEC North with 18 TDs and 12 XPs, including a 7 TD effort against the Bedford Blackhawks. We anticipate Nick will contest strongly for this accolade, but he has bigger challenges to face when the inter-division fixtures roll around.

Credit: James Brewerton

2. Vince Machi, Baker Street Buttonhookers – 70 Points

Vince’s much anticipated debut performance in Hackney did not disappoint. Facing two of the top four teams from last year, Vince had an excellent showing despite being down his top target, Carl SzaboDuring the day, Vince lost other receivers to injury but still overcame this adversity. He’ll care more about the 3-0 record his team put up, but unexpectedly, he is near the top of leader-board after one week. With arguably two of his toughest tests out the way, and with talent returning, we expect Vince to make a strong push in this category.

Credit: P&M Photography

3. Calvin Tarlton, London Rebels – 66 Points

Calvin had a typically professional performance in his first week of action. With receivers like Kenny Bello to throw to, it becomes commonplace to see Calvin putting up such lofty numbers. Just like Vince, Calvin arguably got his hardest two  contests out the way early, and will look to improve on this output when he takes on the other teams in the SEC. We expect to see his name a lot as the season progresses.

Credit: Jeff Bond

4. Harry Staszewski, Aylesbury Vale Spartans – 60 Points

The first week of action was a big one for the Spartans, as they looked to topple the West Essex Showboats and send a clear message to the rest of the SEC. Harry performed extremely well in week one, but fell a point short in an epic duel with Nick Bertenshaw. Harry’s offence is full of speed and talent, as he found Dan Benning and Dan Bhrama with high frequency. His 8 TD performance against the Bedford Blackhawks highlighted a great day for the Spartan, but the SEC schedule is going to be hard to negotiate.

Credit: Matt Turner

5. Peter Coppenhall, Victoria Park Panthers – 51 Points

Peter had a fine showing in week one against some tough opposition. He’s been dealt a bad hand, as he plays two teams tipped for Britbowl glory. He more than held his own however, as the well-drilled Panthers offence, lead by Peter, scored plenty of points in Hackney.

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