SEC Top Defensive Players – Week 2

Credit: Pif-Pif Photography

1. Kenny Bello, London Rebels – 28 Points

In just 5 games, Kenny has amassed almost twice as many points as his closest rival. While he is undoubtedly one of the nation’s elite receivers, he may be an even more dynamic presence on the defensive side of the ball. Bello quickly diagnoses an offence’s tendencies and then capitalises by taking a smart risk when the opportunity presents itself. With 6 picks, 3 defensive TDs, and 2 sacks, Bello truly does it all.

Credit: GB Lions Flag

2. Tim Eaton, London Rebels – 15 Points

The former GB international continues to get it done, week in and week out. While he may not make as many flashy plays as his teammate Bello, many would argue that Eaton is the most complete and dependable DB in the country. Rarely, if ever, out of position, Eaton forces opposing QBs to be perfect with their throws. When they aren’t, he makes them pay dearly. Many QBs have learned to avoid targeting him altogether so we’ll see if he can maintain his spot on this list as the season progresses.

Credit: James Brewerton

3. Reiss Muckley, West Essex Showboats – 14 Points

Most of the nation’s blitzers tend to fit the short and quick mould, so when QBs are faced with the 6’5 monster Muckley bearing down on them, they often panic. Muckley has racked up 12 sacks on the season already, more than the rest of the SEC combined, while also disrupting countless more throws. Like Bello, Muckley is a big contributor on both sides of the ball and one that teams must game plan for when facing the Showboats. Simply put, he’s a game changer.

Credit: James Brewerton

T-4. Mark Streather, Victoria Park Panthers – 10 Points

Streather’s personality reminds us a lot of Marvin Harrison. He is not an imposing figure physically nor does he do a lot of talking. Instead, he just continues to make plays. Streather is averaging nearly an interception per game, taking one back for six. QBs: test him at your own peril.

Credit: Rob Connor

T-4. Josh Nicholson, Baker Street Buttonhookers – 10 Points

Nicholson has been a standout on the Hookers’ defense that currently leads the SEC in points conceded. He collected two more interceptions at the last game-day, both of which occurred in his own end zone to kill off opposing drives. They say that big players make big plays in big games at big moments. While Nicholson trails the leaders considerably, he always seems to deliver a big pick or grab on offense when the Hookers need it most.

T-4. Russel Cameron, Reading Lions – 10 Points

Like Muckley, Cameron has done his damage from the blitzer position. Impressively, he debuts on this list after just a single day of action. Had referees awarded him what looked to be a game-winning sack against the Rebels, he would currently sit alone in fourth. Instead, Cameron will need to continue performing as an elite blitzer if he wants to climb further up this list.

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