SEC Top QBs – Week 2

After two weeks of action we’ve seen some awesome displays from the signal callers. We take a look at the top quarterbacks, as a few new names enter the top 5…


Credit: Rob Connor

1. Vince Machi, Baker Street Buttonhookers – 151 Points

To say there was a bit of hype surrounding the Hookers’ entry into BAFA would be an understatement. As the last remaining undefeated team in the SEC and with wins over both of last year’s southern BritBowl representatives, it’s safe to say they have lived up to expectations. Machi has to be considered a chief reason why, ranking first or second in every passing statistic in the conference. With a healthy 29 point lead and a game in hand over many of his competitors, we expect Machi to remain at or near the top of this list for a long time.

Credit: GB Lions Flag

2. Calvin Tarlton, London Rebels – 122 Points

Season after season, Tarlton sets the standard for QBs across the country. He is at it again this year, racking up stats and wins during a phenomenal campaign for the champs so far. Tarlton’s performance against the Reading Lions, where he fired the winning TD pass on the game’s final play, was nothing short of brilliant. If he hadn’t sat himself during the second half of a 75-0 win over the Hackney Cougars or at the end of other games when the outcome was already assured, he would probably top this list.

Credit: Rob Connor

3. Nick Bertenshaw, West Essex Showboats – 118 Points

We suspected Bertenshaw might slip down the table a touch as he faced better competition. However, he remains comfortably in the top 3 after a solid performance last gameday that saw him throw four TDs in each game. His performance is even more impressive when you consider that his team only had 6 players on the day. The Showboats have historically posted impressive offensive outputs so we can’t see any reason that Bertenshaw shouldn’t remain competitive in this category.

Credit: James Brewerton

4. Neil Henderson, Chichester Sharks – 102 Points

Perhaps the most notable omission from week one, Henderson debuts this week at number 4. Elusive and smart, Henderson once again has guided the Sharks into prime playoff position. While he has put up some impressive numbers, it’s his leadership and constant calm that separates the Sharks’ signal caller from his peers. Henderson’s most impressive feat this season was probably leading the Sharks back from a 20-0 deficit against a talented Reading Knights outfit to capture a big season opening victory.

Credit: James Brewerton

5. Peter Coppenhall, Victoria Park Panthers – 90 Points

It’s no secret that the Panthers have been dealt a bad hand this year so it’s nice to see their players putting together some standout seasons so far. While Coppenhall has generally been a steady hand for last year’s BritBowl semifinalists, he can certainly make the game-changing play when called upon. On the last play of their game against the Showboats, Coppenhall enticed the blitzer to jump, buying himself extra time before locating his receiver for a sensational winning touchdown.

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