SFFL Week 1 Review

Following week 1’s game action we reveal team rankings as seen from SFFL team’s perspective. After an organised week 1 tournament in the beautiful ambient of Planica, providing a breathtaking background of mountains and ski jump ramps, we got our first preview of how the league will shape up. Spoiler alert: We may have been somewhat slightly off with some of our our predictions before the start of the league but there are still a few game days to play for we may yet see teams falling into our predicted positions! The full scores are at the bottom of this post, but we’ll start with our top 10!

Credit: David Filipovic

1. Novo Mesto OMP KNIGHTS (No Movement)

The Knights have not shown this type of as vulnerability as they did in game day 1 in a long time. They travelled with fewer players than usual and were missing a couple of starters both on offense and defense. The short squad was evident by the results which were a lot closer than they would like but somehow managed to take home all three victories nevertheless.

The Wild Hogs and Dukes especially came a lot closer than expected and were only one score away at the end of the games. Knights leaned on their multi-tool Davorin Štravs, who provided great plays both on offense and defense with 6 receiving touchdowns, 4 interceptions, and a whopping 3 defensive touchdowns. Next tournament is going to be played in Krško which is closer to the Knights and we expect them to have a deeper squad.

Credit: David Filipovic

2. Ljubljana KILLERBEES (+2)

The team from the capital performed great and managed to snatch first place in the standings. They won all three of their games and finished the last game of the tournament with an amazing 70 points. The KillerBees managed to secure both wins against Gladiators and Werewolves very early with stunning a defense which was not expected. Based on past performances they were great offensively but defensively were found wanting meaning scores against them were always high when they were playing.

Why are they not ranked first then?! Well, the Knights are more experienced and with a full roster they should face little resistance. However it makes the next game day that bit more exciting when the 2 will collide to see who is really worthy of the top spot. We’re certainly in for an intense game! We also need to mention the Killerbees quarterback Gašper Bajt who looked very impressive this week throwing for 18 touchdowns spreading them among all receivers equally and Gregor Hertl who was unstoppable both on offense and defense.

Credit: David Filipovic

3. Kočevje LAZAR WILD HOGS (+2)

Wild Hogs played really well in week 1, better than expected and they could have went home 3-0 if it hadn’t been for the Knights. Even that game was closer than expected but at the end, they didn’t manage to pull out a win. They did manage to secure some easy wins over Gladiators and Dukes though. Next week they’ll play only two games so they can better prepare for their opponents, the Alp Devils and Werewolves, but this should not be a problem with both teams winless.

The Wildhogs are maybe not the most dangerous side but do possess a couple of star players who occupy some top spots in the stats. Sandi Čoragić is tied at first place as most effective blitzer with 4 sacks, Andraž Lavrič took the flag pulling crown and Luka Uvodić ran for 3 rushing touchdowns and passed for 14 touchdowns and is currently ranked as number 1 in the MVP race.

Credit: David Filipovic

4. Karlovac DUKES (+2)

The only team from Croatia has ranked ahead of Gladiators because of their game against the Knights which was closer than expected. Their offense doesn’t look pretty but it is effective. We can’t really point a finger at what makes their offense look different, is it their formations or route combinations? But it seems receivers are bunched in the same place quite often.

Anyhow…the Dukes did some nice changes on their roster adding a couple of players from Ogulin Knights and managed to win a game against Alp Devils who are still struggling to adjust playing non-contact version of the sport. On offense, we could see a nice performance from newly installed quarterback Filip Brkić who added a new dimension to the team with his fast passes. Last year’s quarterback Silvio Šimić transitioned to blitzer where he presented a lot of problems for opposing quarterbacks.

Credit: David Filipovic

5. Ajdovščina GLADIATORS (-3)

Gladiators started slow with two losses against KillerBees and Wild Hogs but managed to win the last game against Werewolves. They are newly rebuilt team with lots of new players that seem to be in a good shape but need more playing time to get familiar with flag football and sync with the veterans. Their game was a bit one-dimensional and they will need to show a bit wider range of plays in the future to keep winning.

I guess the most interesting game will be against Dukes who are currently playing on a similar level. If Gladiators want to climb the ladder they will need to beat them next week. Their lone standout in week one was Luka Pergar with 4 receiving touchdowns and 1 interception.

6. Kranj ALP DEVILS (-4)

Alp Devils are not what we thought they were. We imagined a physical team similar to Domžale Tigers but they failed to show it in week 1. Well, there was some physicality but not where you would expect it. Their receivers occasionally managed to run through defenders after the catch meaning they will most definitely need to work on better transitioning from tackle to flag football.

They have two weeks now to work on these things and try to show a better game in Krško where they will play Knights, Wild Hogs, and Werewolves. Those games will be a nice challenge for them since it looks like they’ll have a handful of challenges playing first two. Their best player right now is Aljaž Zelnik who managed to score “pick-six” against the team from Ljubljana.

Credit: David Filipovic

7. Slovenska Bistrica WEREWOLVES (No Movement)

Werewolves started with 3 losses scoring only 24 points while allowing 184. They had only 6 players in week 1 which looks like the same situation as last year. This was only bad timing though since most of the players missing had obligations that couldn’t be skipped but they should have better numbers next week in Krško.

They’re still chasing their first win and it could happen at next week’s tournament where they’ll play Alp Devils who are also winless, as well as Dukes who have only one win.

Stanislav Polanec caught 1 touchdown and made 2 interceptions and is currently their most notable player.


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