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Today we look back at week 2 of the SFFL action and update the team rankings. The second week of SFFL was played in the familiar location of Krško. Two teams came in as undefeated and only one finished that way at the end. Our predictions are starting to take shape and we can see teams settling into their spots.


1. Novo mesto OMP KNIGHTS

We mentioned in our first SFFL post that the Knights have not been beaten in 4 years, and nothing really changed this year. The only other undefeated team in the Killer Bees tried their best in week 2 but fell well short after going scoreless in the 1st half. It was business as usual for the Knights with another 3 wins under their belt and already look likely to continue their streak.

The Novo Mesto defense suffocated opposing offenses without much problems, even with only 6 players competing again. Davorin Štravs again showed that he is probably the best Slovenian player scoring most points in offense and defense. Tadej Travnikar had a better performance than in week 1 and threw for 17 touchdowns in three games.

2. Ljubljana KILLERBEES

The KillerBees tried to beat the Knights for the first time in four years but choked in the first half. They did manage to get some points on the board in the second half but the Knights never felt threatened. Ljubljana didn’t have much problems dealing with the Gladiators or Dukes however and are now comfortably placed second in the team standings.

Gašper Bajt was again the best quarterback throwing for 19 touchdowns in three games. His favorite targets were Gregor Hertl and Urban Marovt. If Davorin from the Knights seems the most complete player in SFFL, Hertl is right behind him. Besides catching 9 touchdowns he also snagged 3 picks while playing on defense. He’s catching up to Davorin in receiving touchdowns and is leading the pack in interceptions with 8 in six games.


The team from Kočevje played only 2 games in week 2 against opponents still trying to win their first game. It seemed like both games would be pretty one-sided but the Alp Devils and Werewolves strengthened their ranks with additional players and showed some resistance. They both fell to Wild Hogs at the end however with results closer than expected.

Luka Uvodič played well again putting himself into the top 5 players of the week with 1 game less. We also saw a lone standout receiver in their ranks in young Klemen Lavrič, who managed to snag 4 receiving touchdowns with his blazing speed. Kočevje stands with 4 wins and only 1 loss in a third place right behind KillerBees. Next week will be crucial for playing them at home tournament.

4. Kranj ALP DEVILS (+2)

We will put Alp Devils in 4th place for now ahead of Gladiators who have one win more. They seem a more complete team who are getting better every game. They had a rough week playing both Knights and Wild Hogs resulting in two losses but managed to get their first convincing win against Werewolves. They cleaned up their game so it doesn’t look like tackle anymore and are playing a mean man-to-man defense. 

Kranj have two players standing out on each side of the ball. On the offense, there’s Peter Skubic who caught 9 touchdowns in three games and managed to get in the top 5 list. In the defense, Aljaž Zelnik had his second pick-six in two weeks. He also managed to make 19 tackles in just two games. Devils are clearly trending upward and there are some easier games waiting for them in week 3 which should improve their position in standings.


5. Ajdovščina GLADIATORS

The team from Ajdovščina showed up with only 6 players and quickly lost 1 after the first game, continuing to play with only five for the last two games. The KillerBees and Knights were too strong for them but they managed to pull out a win against Dukes with only a two points difference. This win saved their day from a total disaster. The Dukes are surely kicking themselves missing the best opportunity to beat a team who will be surely playing them in playoffs. 

Miha Mohorčič is the 4th best quarterback in the league, Saša Kovač is their most dependable veteran being consistent on both sides and Rok Silič is their best defender. Gladiators will need to bring more players to the week 3 tournament to get at least two wins playing Alp Devils and Werewolves. 

6. Karlovac DUKES (-2)

Karlovac really dropped the ball in week 2 (pun intended). They managed to lose all three games and two of them could have easily gone their way.  Against the Werewolves who showed up with more players, they lost by only one touchdown while the game against Gladiators with only 5 players ended with 2 points difference. 

Their best players are quarterback Filip Brkić with 19 passing touchdowns, Silvio Šimić with 5 sacks and Juraj Brajnović playing well on both sides. Next week they’re playing only two games against Alp Devils and Knights and they’ll surely have a hard time beating both teams with the Devils jelling and the Knights being unbeaten.

7. Slovenska Bistrica WEREWOLVES

Werewolves were determined to get their first win and brought additional players who managed to surprise the Dukes in the first game and won it with a 1 touchdown lead at the end. They also gave everything they got in the second game against Wild Hogs and really made them work for their win. Their players got tired as the day went on and couldn’t produce enough energy to beat Alp Devils in last game. 

Miha Leskovar in standing out in the offense and Stanislav Polanec in the defense. Their quarterback Karsten Opraus is currently making too many mistakes and will need to improve his game to provide some realistic chance to get from the bottom of the standings.

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