SFFL – Week 4

We started the second half of the 2020 season with a tournament in Planica. In a beautiful ambience, we witnessed spectacular games and interesting results. In addition, games were watched by many outside observers, who came to Planica only for a trip but stayed for our attractive sport.

After Sunday’s tournament, the first postponed game of the third round took place on Thursday, between Jazbeci and Tigers W.

Kranjski Jazbeci (9-1)

Jazbeci’s first game of the day was played against tigresses, who have not yet won this season. It remained the same after this match, with the boys winning 61-6. Blitzer Matevž Šilar shone, scoring 4 sacks, one of which resulted in a safety. On offense QB Lebar passed for 5 TDs in the first half and was replaced in the second half by Marcel Malis, who added 3 TDs.

The second game was harder on paper for Jazbeci as they played against third-placed Killer Bees. The title defenders controlled the game from the beginning, Lebar passed for 7 TDs, three of which were caught by Luka Grošelj, and on defense the field was locked by Rok Filipovič and Aljaž Zelnik, who collected 17 out of 19 Jazbeci’s flag pulls.

On Thursday in the postponed game against the Tigers W, Šilar scored six sacks, three of which were safeties, which puts him in first place among the blitzers in SFFL. On offense Lebar passed for 6 TDs this time and Malis added three more in the second half, which was enough for the final 65-7.

At the next tournament Jazbeci face Domžale Tigers, who inflicted their only defeat of the season when they met for the first time, so we can hope for an interesting match.

OMP Knights Novo mesto (10-1)

Novo mesto is returning from Planica with a 3-0 result, which they achieved with victories over the Tigers, Gladiators and Frogs. The most anticipated game of the day was between Knights and Tigers, which ended 46-43 in favor of the Knights. QB Travnikar proved himself again, passing for 7 TDs to five different receivers.

On defense, Pugelj pulled off 8 opponents’ flags, which puts him in second place among tacklers in the league. Pugelj also played excellently against Ajdovščina, when he threw one interception but also caught two TDs and collected 7 flag pulls.

Travnikar was sovereign again and scored four TDs, while Štravs and Pugelj both caught two. Denis Pugelj also proved himself in the third match on Sunday, scoring two caught TDs on offense and one on defense. The Knights took a 33-0 lead against the Frogs but lost a little advantage after a change in QB position. With the help of three intercepted balls they still won 33-25 without many problems. With the intercepted balls from this tournament, Štravs jumped to the overall second place in the SFFL, as he had already intercepted 9 of them this season.

ABBA Killer Bees Ljubljana (8-3)

Bees started the tournament fitting to their name, beating Kočevje 54-21. Like almost every game, the Štamcar-Hertl connection proved to be the best, providing four TDs. With this, Hertl has already caught 33 TDs this season and has almost twice as many TDs as Grošelj in second place (17).

Štamcar divided the other four scores between Filipovič (2), Gomboc (1) and M. Novak (1). On defense, Urban Marovt intercepted one ball and added four tackles, and Matevž Groznik also proved himself with six flag pulls, which puts him in fourth place in the league with a total of 48.

It seems that in the first match, the Ljubljana team burned all of their charge, as they managed to score only three TDs against Jazbeci, which was not enough to win. On defense, Marovt did not leave any room for attackers and collected six tackles. However, in the last game, the Killer Bees woke up again and inflicted the second defeat of the day to the Tigers. The game was hugely anticipated as it could complicate and shuffle the rankings in places three, four and five.

Štamcar passed for five TDs and has 58 in the season, enough for first place in the league. Hertl scored two TDs and added another interception. Their defensive game was crowned by the excellent Groznik, who took 9 opponents’ flags.

ERREA Ljubljana Frogs (6-4)

The second Ljubljana team surprises from round to round. Both positive and negative. They return from Planica with two wins and one defeat. Against the Raptors, they achieved a relatively easy victory of 26-12, which did not show until the last two minutes, when the result was still 14-12. Speedster Žan Ocvirk ran past the defense three times and is the most successful Frog with 14 caught TDs. On defense, Žiga Strgar collected 10 tackles, a total of 45 this season, which still keeps him among the top 5 in the league.

The QB-WR Mičić-Ocvirk connection proved itself again against the girls. Mičić passed 9 and Ocvirk caught 6 TDs. RJ Williamson intercepted two balls and collected five flag pulls. Next Thursday, Frogs will travel to Domžale, where they will once again play against the girls in the postponed match of the third round.

The Frogs did not go into the third game with high expectations, as they met the best Slovenian team, Novo mesto Knights. Mičić passed for four TDs, but also threw three interceptions, which made it difficult for the team to get the W. But on the other hand, Mičić proved himself on defense, as he collected 8 tackles. 6 flag pulls were added by Aljoša Kous, who already has 52 in the season, which is enough for the overall second place in the league.

Domžale Tigers (5-5)

Domžale Tigers started the season going 4-1, but since then they have a result of 1-4, with their only win against last year’s champions Jazbeci. They did lose both matches in Planica, but the total difference in points was only –6 points.

Against Novo mesto Jernej Pavlič, passed for 6 TDs which he divided among four different receivers. WR/DB Druzhinin caught 2 TDs and a PA2 and pulled out a flag from his opponents seven times. One interception was again achieved by DB Luka Kotnik, who already has 11 this year, which puts him in first place in the league.

In the game, the Tigers scored three PA2s, which is a rarity, given that PA2s are rarely played at all. They also played an intense match in the second game of the day, as they lost to Killer Bees by only three points, 31 to 28. On offense, Pavlič divided three scores between three different receivers, and on defense Lenart Hribovšek scored a pick-six that gave Tigers 6 more points on the board.

Hribovšek collected four tackles, which was still not enough to win. Next time, they can hope for another scalp over Jazbeci with a good game, but if they are unconvincing, they may lose one of the games against the Raptors and/or Gladiators.

Ajdovščina Gladiators (3-7)

After two rounds without their first QB, Gladiators came to Planica in full squad which was reflected in their game. They did lose the first game against the NM Knights, but only by 8 points (24-32). Mohorčič passed for 4 TDs and held his team close to their opponents at the beginning of the match. Two were caught by Matjaž Šuštaršič, who is by far the most successful receiver of the team from Ajdovščina. Blitzer Stupar with two sacks and DB Rok Silič, with five tackles, proved themselves on defense.

With a total of 40, Silič still holds the spot in the top ten tacklers in the league. In the game against Kočevje, they retaliated for the loss in the previous tournament and defeated them with the result 38-21. This time, Mohorčič passed for 5 TDs, which he divided between five different targets. Šuštaršič caught only one TD, but also collected one PA1, one interception and added six flag pulls. They will have to work hard the next tournament as they play against Jazbeci, the unpredictable Tigers and Frogs who are getting better from round to round.

LAZAR Wild Hogs Kočevje (3-8)

After a successful previous week, when they achieved two wins against direct rivals for sixth place, Hogs showed a completely different face this time and lost to both teams. They started the long day with a defeat against Killer Bees. The defense did not find a recipe to stop Štamcar, but the young Žiga Možina proved himself with one interception and five tackles.

On offense, the experienced QB Potočnik failed to pass into the end zone, so he was replaced by a newcomer Maj Kosić who passed for 2 TDs and threw one interception. Potočnik ran one TD and announced a fight for the rush TDs king, as he is only one TD behind leader Ocvirk.

Against the Raptors, Kosić threw two interceptions but caught two TDs from Potočnik, which was still not enough for a win as the game ended 33-26 in favour of the Raptors. Možina proved himself again with an interception on defense, and Andraž Lavrič was the most successful tackler in the team with four flag pulls.

This was not the best day for QB Potočnik, he recorded three passing TDs and two interceptions. Two were caught by Daniel Nović and one by Tomi Kolarič. The defense was again led by Možina and Lavrič, who together collected 11 of all 15 flag pulls for the team from Kočevje.

Underground Raptors (3-8)

Raptors can return from Planica with their heads held high. Two victories and one rather sweet defeat will surely remain in their fond memories. Against Frogs, they showed good play especially on defense, but on offense they got stuck when they got to the opponent’s half of the field. The best player on defense was again Nik Tomc with one interception and six tackles.

Six tackles were also collected by Kristjan Čebulj, who currently occupies first place in the league in this element of our game. In the rematch against Kočevje, the offense turned up. QB Jan Tomc found Andoljšek with three and Košir with one of his four thrown TDs. The boys didn’t really notice the absence of their best receiver of the last two tournaments Vnučec in this match.

On defense, Čebulj added an interception, returning it to the opponent’s end zone. Against the girls, the defense proved to be better again, especially Bor Kolar who intercepted two passes and Alen Alidžanović, who collected 11 tackles. Alidžanović collected 24 flag pulls this week and is in 9th place in the league even after missing the first two tournaments.

Next time they play against Killer Bees and Tigers, so they can only wish they could repeat the performances from this tournament and try to pinch off a surprise win.

Domžale Tigers W (0-10)

The goddess Fortuna has not yet given the girls a victory, although they are closer to it from game to game. In one week, they played two games against Jazbeci and scored one TD in each, They have scored at least one TD in all games so far, except against the men’s team from Domžale. TD was scored by Patricija Tome, who added 3 more tackles.

As always, Karin Bernik proved herself on defense, getting two interceptions and 7 tackles. QB Tjaša Rutar still has some problems with the opponents’ blitz, although she successfully escaped some of them, she was still sacked four times. We believe that Tjaša will get used to it and by the end of the season she will successfully “hide” the flag to the blitzers even more times.

Against Frogs, Tjaša threw for 4 TDs, which is the highest number of points scored by Tigers W in one game so far (26). Two were caught by Sara Koncilija, who also proved herself on defense with six flag pulls. The last game of the day was marked by Rutar’s intercepted balls, as the girls lost by only 10 points (14-24), which could have been even less if she wouldn’t throw three interceptions. This time it turned out to be the younger of the sisters Koncilija, Kaja, who, in addition to the caught TD, got an interception and picked up five flags.

During the week, they played a postponed match against Jazbeci. This time the TD was scored by Karin Bernik, who added another interception and five tackles. Sara Koncilija also entered similar statistics, except for TD. On Thursday, Sept. 17, the Tigers W play another postponed game against Frogs.

So, the fourth tournament is behind us, which means that we only have two and the playoffs left. It is slowly becoming clear who will have the first-round bye, who will fight for the first places, who for the 5-8 places, and who will not be able to qualify for the final tournament.

However, nothing has been decided yet and there are quite a few interesting games ahead of us. Therefore, we invite you to watch the upcoming tournament, which will be on Sunday, September 20th, 2020, again in Planica.

Due to the situation we have, the tournaments are closed to the public. We invite you to view our posts, comment, share, etc. and also watch game recordings posted on the SFFL YouTube channel


Killer Bees vs Jazbeci: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vq7HFCsrNmI

Tigers W vs Raptorshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=poB2ROG41Ds

Tigers vs Killer Bees: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0MyKNEqu1fk

This is a ranking written by our editors and based on the results of the previous tournament. What is your opinion? What do you expect from the teams? Comments welcome below ?

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