SWC Gameday Two Review – Cardiff

Cardiff would play host to the Leicester Eagles, Plymouth Buccaneers and Coventry Cougars Mixed as they looked to get their season back on track. The topsy turvy nature of the SWC divisions so far has lead to some fascinating matchups so far, and this day was no different! Here’s how the day unfolded –

Northants Phantoms 46,Coventry Cougars Mixed 32

In the first game of the day, we would see once division rivals turned conference rivals duke it out hoping to get the win to improve their chances of challenging for their respective divisions. The Phantoms would take full advantage of this situation in a game that was a lot closer than the score line suggests, with WR Stuart Tarry being the star of the show for the Phantoms side catching 4 TD’s and 2 XP’s from two different QB’s. The game ball however goes to Jacob Few for snagging 5 TD’s, 1 XP & 1 INT in a valiant effort from the Cougars receiver.

Cardiff Hurricanes 60, Leicester Eagles 0

This was a dominant display from a Cardiff Hurricanes side who didn’t let off the gas the entire game against a Eagles side that just couldn’t get things going throughout the entire game-day. The first three drives of the game saw Matt Thomas find the always deadly WR Richard Phelps in the end zone three times. This was then followed up by a one play drive which consisted of a Joe Cotterill length-of-the-field score, before a TD catch from Andrew Krag made the score 33-0 at halftime. The second half was very much the same as the first half with the Cardiff offence firing on all cylinders, accompanied by a stingy defence who held their opponents to 0 points for the 3rd time in 5 games. Krag replaced Matt Thomas at QB to finish the game and even came away with a passing score and extra point to bring up 60 on the final play of the game. Chris Jones gets the game ball in this one but the defence deserves a special mention for dominating the Eagles offence.

Northants Phantoms 35, Plymouth Buccaneers 25

With a win under their belts in the first game, the Northants Phantoms were looking to keep in touching distance of division rivals after hearing the news of the Hereford Stampede victory over their Northants rivals. Despite a great performance from the Plymouth Buccs receiver Jack Gilbert, who would turn out to be the best player on the day with two great games to follow, it was the Phantoms who took their game to another level with a great performance on offence once again. This was a game where Luke Hoskin shone brightest with 3 Rec TD’s, 1 Pass TD and 1 Pass XP and that’s where the game ball is heading in this game.

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Cardiff Hurricanes 45, Northants Phantoms 24

With Cardiff out for revenge against a Phantoms side that were able to hand the Hurricanes one of their losses in 2016, we were in store for an exciting contest. The Hurricanes avenged their loss however with a convincing performance. Once again, it was the link up play of Matt Thomas & Richard Phelps who added three first half touchdowns in what seems to be an unstoppable combination for the Cardiff offence. Another brilliant performance by the Cardiff Hurricanes defence saw them concede some points, but these came late on during a surge which saw the Hurricanes hold on to secure the top spot in the division. Game ball in this one goes to Joe Cotterill who snagged three first half interceptions and two touchdowns in an effort which helped Cardiff take control of the game in the early stages.

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Plymouth Buccaneers 47, Leicester Eagles 0

Plymouth Buccaneers headed into the game needing a win to keep themselves relevant in their division and they delieverd by shutting out a scoreless Leicester Eagles for the second time during their trip to Cardiff. Led by QB Barry Sellers and stud receiver Jack Gilbert who generated 3 TD’s and 4 XP’s together to help the Buccs to a dominating victory. The defence held firm throughout the game and gave the Eagles offence fits with 4 interceptions and 2 sacks which, would give the Buccs confidence heading into their last game of the day against the Cougars. Game ball goes to Jack Gilbert who is proving to be a monster receiver this season and a pivotal piece of the Plymouth offence.

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Plymouth Buccaneers 47, Coventry Cougars Mixed 39

Plymouth Buccs came into this one with a hot streak on their side after posting 47 on Leicester whilst conceding 0. They would be pushed close by a Cougars side missing their starting QB on the day. Another 47 points were put up by the offence, marshalled by Barry Sellers, who is quietly having a great season on this high scoring Buccs offence. Another game breaking performance by Jack Gilbert saw him post up another hat-trick, this time only adding 1 XP to his total, however, it would end up being the defence who, despite conceding 39 points, were the game ball recipients with 7 Interceptions on the game. The Cougars Mixed team will be hoping to bounce back when starting QB James Ashmore returns to the line up on the 14th May in Northampton. On the positive note for the Cougars is that they still were able to put up points and will hope the results fall their way in the next conference game day.

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