SWC Top Defensive Players Rankings

Our final stat update on the SWC sees us have a look at the defensive players who are making plays. There are some notoriously prolific defences in this conference, and they lived up to their reputation in the first few weeks! Here’s how the leaderboard looks;

Credit: James Brewerton

1. Stefan Rowden, Northants Titans Blue – 29 Points

QBs would be wise to avoid passing on the Northants Titans Blue defence, as you’re about to discover. A remarkable three of their players are in the top 5 of in the division so far. Stefan tops the heap with an excellent 5 interceptions, with 4 of those being returned for touchdowns.

Credit: James Brewerton

2. Connor Melay, Northants Titans Blue – 25 Points

While Stefan has 4 picks returned for scores, his teammate Connor has 3 of his own, along with 7 interceptions so far this season. That’s averages out at at least one pick per game, which is an incredible achievement.

Credit: Bec Edwards Photography

3. Joe Cotterill, Cardiff Hurricanes – 24 Points

Breaking up the run of Titans Blue players is Joe Cotterill. The GB Silver Lion has been tremendous for the Hurricanes so far, grabbing 6 picks and returning 3 for TDs. He leads arguably one of the most athletic and talented defences in the nation, and we’re not surprised to see him on our leaderboard.

Credit: James Brewerton


4. Harry Brailey, Northants Titans Blue – 22 Points

Another Titan Blue, but this time its the blitzer. Creating havoc for QBs in the SWC is Harry Brailey. Harry helps his teammates in coverage by forcing errant passes. He’s also chipped in with a pick-six, as well as getting 13 sacks and a safety to boot.

Credit: James Brewerton

5. Max Dury, Hereford Stampede – 17 Points

Rounding out the top five is the blitzer hailing from Hereford. Max has been a thorn in the sides of his opposition so far this year. With 9 sacks in five games so far, Max has also assisted the cause with 4 tackles-for-a-loss and an awesome two safeties. Max is a disruptive presence for the Stampede defence, and figures to improve on his score as the season progresses.

Here’s how the rest of the top 10 looks so far!

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