SWC Top Offensive Player Rankings

We continue our look at the SWC stars who’ve been shining so far this year. We update the standings on our offensive player rankings in the Southwestern conference. Granted, not every team have played the same number of fixtures to date, but an update was required! Find out more below:

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1. Jack Gilbert, Plymouth Buccaneers – 89 Points

Jack been been the Buccaneers go-to receiver so far this season, with an incredible 14 TDs and 5 Xps. He’s accounted for half of his team’s total TDs so far this year. Jack’s efforts are even more impressive when you consider he has played one less game than the majority of the SWC.

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2. Stuart Tarry, Northants Phantoms – 82 Points

Stuart and the Phantoms have started the season well as they chase the playoffs this season. The Phantoms have been involved in a number of high scoring games so far, and Stuart has capitalised on his opportunities. He holds a slender lead over his teammate…

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3. Luke Hoskin, Northants Phantoms – 81 Points

Separating the Phantoms duo is one XP. As mentioned before, the Phantoms have been involved in some explosive match-ups, which has given Luke and Stuart some great totals. Luke also chips in at QB, as he has 3 TD passes to add to his receiving accolades.

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4. Jay Jay Spencer, Hereford Stampede – 76 Points

Arguably one of the early contenders for MVPs of the conference, Jay Jay has been downright unstoppable so far this year. While Hereford employ a more methodical approach to their games, and they’ve taken some impressive scalps so far this season. Jay Jay is a big part of that. His 2 TD effort against the Northants Titans Blue¬†and 3 TD performance against the Cardiff Hurricanes¬†showed that Jay Jay is not slowed down against top quality opposition. Like Jack of the Buccaneers, Jay Jay has accounted for over half of his team’s points so far. He’s hard to stop, and we’ll likely see his name mentioned a lot this year.

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5. Richard Phelps, Cardiff Hurricanes – 66 Points

All he does is score TDs – Richard currently leads the talented Cardiff Hurricanes receivers with 11 TDs so far. The ‘Canes are not afraid to take deep shots on offence, and Richard’s performance so far this season was punctuated with a 3 TD performance against the Northants Phantoms.

Here’s how to table looks after (mostly) one week of action!


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