SWC Top QB Rankings

The SWC schedule has made life difficult for us at FFW HQ, as a majority of teams have played two game days, but others have played one! We’ve compiled the output so far, and give an update onĀ the top QBs in the Southerwestern Conference so far!

Credit: Rob Connor

1. Adam Grindrod, Northants Titans Blue – 125 Points

Adam has carried on his fine showing for the SWC into league action this year, and deservedly tops our list so far. He’s thrown roughly the same number of TDs as many others in the conference, but he’s taken care of the football and avoided those negative scores. He’s also been downright lethal on XP attempts. Adam has a tough remaining schedule however, as he takes on the Hurricanes and Lions soon, but he’s set himself up well to make a run at this award.

Credit: www.cardiffhurricanes.co.uk

2. Matthew Thomas, Cardiff Hurricanes – 124 Points

Missing out on top spot by a measly one point is the Cardiff quarterback, who utilises the speed of his offence with great effect. The Cardiff defence also gives Matthew every chance to put points on the board, as they generally keep their opponents off the field. He leads the division in TDs thrown so far, but more interceptions thrown and sacks taken mean he sits just behind Adam for the time being.

Credit: sportphoto.wales

3. Barry Sellers, Plymouth Buccaneers – 102 Points

Barry is perhaps a surprise name in this countdown, and his inclusion is all the more impressive when you consider his team were given a walkover forfeit victory against the Thunderducks in week one. He’s found a favourite receiver in targetĀ Jack Gilbert, who he’s hit for 14 of his 26 TDs. Even in losses, the Buccaneers have managed to put up an impressive tally of points. Barry has shown a consistency so far this year which could lead to him keeping a place in our leaderboard.

Credit: Northants Phantoms Facebook

4. Jeremy Smith, Northants Phantoms – 98 Points

Jeremy has put up his points in a number of shootouts this year so far, as the Phantoms sit at 4-2 after some exciting games to open their schedule. Jeremy has profited from this to score an impressive 26 TDs so far. He’ll have a tough time staying in this spot, but given how the season has gone so far, we wouldn’t bet against Jeremy, as he’ll look to be involved in some more high scoring affairs down the road.

Credit: Bec Edwards Photography

5. Tristan Varney, Birmingham Lions – 96 Points

Alright, this placing might catch a few people out. Tristan sits behind the 8-ball as things stand. The caveat for Tristan however is that he’s played only half the games as the rest of the division (save for Barry, who had the aforementioned forfeit victory). That’s right, he’s put up just over 75% of the points output that our leader has in half the games played. If he can keep that pace up, it’s really Tristan’s trophy to lose. However, he has yet to face the stingy Hurricanes, talented Northants Titans Blue and feisty Hereford Stampede, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see Tristan put on a show when the lights are brightest. What might be alarming also for the other QBs in this list is that the Lions appear to be going for a number of two point conversions, as Tristan leads with 7 converted so far.

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