SWC Top Quarterbacks – Final Hurdles

It’s that time that all the members of the SWC have been waiting for, the Top QB Player Rankings for the SWC, let’s take a look at the Top 5 in detail heading into the final game weeks of the season;


Remaining Games – Leicester Eagles, Cardiff Hurricanes & Hereford Stampede.

Somebody stop the damn match, this one is over! Tristan Varney has torched the defences of the SWC over the past 12 games and finds himself 100 points ahead of the next closest challenger and he still has 3 games remaining on the schedule. He faces tough tasks against the stingy Hurricanes & Stampede defences who have only given up 15 & 25 points per game respectively, on the other hand, they also face one of the league’s most porous defences in the Leicester Eagles who have conceded 35 points a game.

This shouldn’t mean too much to Tristan as he looks to increase his lead on the chasing pack with a current average of 6.66 touchdown passes per game. Unfortunately, this would see him fall just short of the magical 100 touchdown passes for the season but if he carries on this trajectory, the #1 seed in the south will belong to the Birmingham Lions.

For me he is the best QB in the league. The zip he puts on the ball means his receivers are always open no matter what the coverage is. As we continue to get more comfortable with the smaller format of the game he continues to improve, which is a scary thought. He truly makes us as pass catchers look better and we can beat any team with him at QB” – Drew Newiss, Birmingham Lions

Current Stats – 80 Touchdown’s, 9 Interceptions, 7 Sacks, 24 Extra Point’s & 10 XP2’s

Credit – James Brewerton


Remaining Games – Cardiff Hurricanes, Coventry Cougars Mixed & Merthyr Tydfil Thunderducks.

Adam Grindrod still finds himself sitting behind Tristan Varney despite playing only 9 games this season for the Northants Titans Blue and unfortunately for the Titans, he will not feature again unless the Titans make it all the way to Britbowl due to other commitments. This means that Adam will not be making any more hay in the SWC QB rankings but he has had a successful year which bodes well for next season.

Adam has been clinical with a conversion rate of 52 TD’s / 41 XP’s which is better than most of his counterparts under centre in the conference and he also takes care of the ball, only throwing 4 INT’s which have all come from deflected passes, and only conceded 2 sacks all season. Grindrod’s presence will be missed as the Titans Blue side look to take the SWC Central crown on the 8th July.

Adam is a huge impact player! He is so cool and clinical with the ball and he is a massive loss going into the final run of games” – Jamie Willars, Northants Titans Blue

Current Stats – 52 Touchdown’s, 4 Interceptions, 2 Sacks & 41 Extra Points.

Credit – James Brewerton


Remaining Games – Hereford Stampede & Coventry Panthers.

Over in the red half of Northamptonshire, Jeremy Smith is having another productive season as the signal caller for the Phantoms and finds himself only a touchdown and extra point away from taking 2nd place in the conference. The Phantoms have benefitted since Smith’s arrival in Northamptonshire as he has led the team to back to back winning seasons and helped to put them on the map.  Jeremy has helped the Phantoms pick up important victories against tough opposition and also came close against some of the toughest teams in the conference.

Jez Smith’s remaining games come against a tough Stampede defence who don’t concede much but he also has the Coventry Panthers to play, who haven’t got much to play for at this point as they have missed out on the playoffs for the 2017 season. He will be looking to increase his points total but will be hoping that team-mate and partner in crime Luke Hoskin won’t take any of those touchdown’s away during Dual QB Wildcat plays that they often run.

Jez Smith might be the most competitive person I have ever met. When he steps on the field his passion for the game is clear. It is an honour and a privilege to catch passes from him” – Stuart Tarry, Northants Phantoms

Current Stats – 55 Touchdown’s, 9 Interceptions, 4 Sacks & 34 Extra Points.

Credit – James Brewerton


Remaining Fixtures – Merthyr Tydfil Thunderducks, Hereford Stampede, Northants Titans Blue, Birmingham Lions & Coventry Cougars Ladies.

Matt Thomas benefits from the most games remaining in his race to try and catch Tristan Varney for the conference’s best Quarterback but on the other hand, he comes up against some of the conferences toughest defences.  This week he will face off against the Titans Blue defence who have conceded less than 12 points a game on average this season and the Birmingham Lions who are no slouches in that department with an athletic defence conceding less than 18 points a game.

The shining light will come against the Coventry Cougars Ladies defence who have conceded the most points with an average of over 40 points per game on the season. He has also got to face off against the Hereford Stampede on the last day of the regular season at the end of July, who previously have held his number this season after their 26-24 defeat earlier in the season, but once again, he has some respite against the Thunderducks who he previously put 53 points on during the same game day earlier in the season.

Matt Thomas has a cannon for an arm, and great mobility in the pocket. He’s improved once again this season, and is only 3 touchdown passes away from surpassing the mark he set last season.” – Cardiff Hurricanes Social Media Team

Current Stats – 58 Touchdown’s, 17 Interceptions, 10 Sacks & 35 Extra Points.

Credit – A View Through My Lens Photography


Remaining Fixtures – Hereford Stampede & Merthyr Tydfil Thunderducks.

Barry Sellers has the least amount of games to play in the race for the SWC’s best QB crown and similarly to Matt Thomas above him, they have a tough match up against a stingy Stampede defence who will be looking to bounce back after a 52-9 loss earlier in the season. It will be a tricky task for the Buccs Gunslinger to navigate while also facing off against the Thunderducks for the first time this season after their forfeit loss in week 1.

Barry should be able to overcome that challenge with ease as they have conceded an average of 28 points a game which will help add to his total before the season is through. Sellers should solidfy his position in the top 5 with strong performances in his last two games as the nearest competition coming from Matt Tibbles of the Northants Titans White who has finished his season and James Ashmore who is currently 71 points adrift of 5th place.

Barry or Baz as we call him, has been crucial to our success the last two seasons. He has really bought on our offence with his coaching and play calling ” – Plymouth Buccaneers Social Media Team

Current Stats – 59 Touchdown’s, 23 Interceptions, 10 Sacks, 26 Extra Points & 1 XP2.

Credit – A View Through My Lens Photography

Here’s how the remaining signal callers in the top 10 find themselves with just a few games to go!

SWC Top 10 QBs

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