SWC Week One – Five Things We Learned


Hurricanes Dominate

Cardiff had the luxury of opening up the season with a home game day which always attracts a full compliment of weapons for the team. They showed their strength on offence in their match ups against the Northants Titans and Bedford Blackhawks, putting up a whopping 123 points in just two contests. The defence gave up an unusually high 32 points to the Northants Titans, but came back with a bang in the Blackhawks game, giving up only two measly scores. It’s going to take a miracle for any of the chasing pack to take down this offence in the SWC Prem.

Titans Stand Firm to take 2nd

We had the Titans down to struggle this season in the SWC, mainly because of the cross-conference games with the SEC. They came into the opener missing some talent on both sides of the ball but showed up in a big way. An opening loss to the Cardiff Hurricanes wasn’t too concerning for the offence as they still managed to put up 32 points – it was the defence that struggled against the firepower that Cardiff had to offer. They would follow this game up with a shoot-out against the Spartans which saw them pull out a 46-40 victory. Another near-50 burger on the Phantoms gave the Titans a 2-1 record after the first day of action.  If they manage to overcome the Spartans in two weeks, they’ll have firmly taken control of second spot in the division.

Confusing Day for the Rest of the Pack

We were hoping for some clarity for the rest of the table in the SWC Premier but it appears that the Spartans, Phantoms and Blackhawks all ended up 1-2 on the day. The Phantoms beat the Blackhawks, Blackhawks beat the Spartans in a thriller, and to complete the circle, the Spartans beat the Phantoms. We’re interested to see how this shakes out and we’ll get to see some of these match ups again in two weeks. We’ll hopefully have more answers after week two of action

Defensive Work in Training This Week

Defensive gameplans went out the window it would seem in the SWC. Over 39 points were scored by 10 teams in 7 games, which makes for exciting viewing for the neutral but causes headaches for the defensive coaches. Defensive backs will be running gassers indefinitely until its sorted.

SWC – Division for the People

It would be safe to say that the SWC probably isn’t the most competitive, or highest quality division in football. The SEC would take that, followed closely by the HNC. However there’s no doubting that you can watch some fireworks in any given game. Cardiff rule the roost, but the rest of the teams all seem to be throwing caution to the wind and putting up Madden style scores already. If you want entertainment – get your eyes glued to the SWC.

Headline image courtesy of the Bedford Blackhawks

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