Women’s Flag Bowl IV

With the 4th edition of the Women’s Flag Bowl set to take place on the 7th and 8th of April 2018, we spoke to tournament organiser Rocío Spring about the plans and ambitions for the event!

Hi Rocio! Thanks for your time today! Can you tell us more about the tournament, such as dates, location and the number of teams?

The tournament took place in Gijón (Asturias). It is a coastal city located in the north of Spain were you can find cheap accommodation and a very good food. In Asturias there is a very small airport were EasyJet, Iberia and Volotea fly; with time, you should be able to find very cheap flights direct to Asturias from London, Paris or Munich. Also, and only 2 hours away, there is Santander Airport, and 3h away Bilbao airoport. Ryanair fly to both of them.

The tournament is scheduled for April 7th and 8th in “Complejo Deportivo de las Mestas”

Spain recently held a very successful European Championships, and will host Champions Bowl next year! Is the sport growing in Spain?

Definitely yes. Flag is growing a lot on the national scene and especially in Asturias. In a few years we have gone from women’s leagues of only 2 teams to up to 7. Also, we have the honour to say that 12 of 15 players of the Team Spain have come from Aturian teams.

Credit: JR Gomez

What do you hope to achieve by running your own tournament?

Firstly promote female sport in general and Flag Football in particular. Although in Asturias there is a very competitive league, there are regions in Spain where there are only 2 teams per league or where the women’s teams have to play in male leagues in order to be able to enjoy the sport.

Secondly, we believe that these kind of tournaments increases the female flag level in general.

Are you using other European tournaments as inspiration? If so, which ones?

The format is partly inspired by the Big Bowl tournament. Among other things, we have also added ideas from previous experiences in other sports

Credit: Foxes 82

Can you let us know about any of the teams entered so far?

Last year we have the best national teams as are: Gijón Mariners (2nd in Spain) and Foxes 82 (1st Spain and recently 2nd at Pink Bowl), but also Phoenix 82 in whose ranks are also players of the National team or even Barberá Cookies (3 times champion of Spain in tackle) and last year ended 2nd in this tournament. This year we have increased the number of places to 16 and we hope to attract more European teams.

Sounds great! How can we enter?

For registrations and info: womensflagbowl@gmail.com

Credit: Womens Flag Bowl

What is your own experience in flag football?

I am very lucky because my story is very short but successful. I started 3 years ago with Foxes 82 and we achieved tremendous accomplishments since our funding in 2014: 3 times champions of Spain, 2nd place this year in the Pink Bowl and 5-6th in Big Bowl. I am also very grateful because from the beginning Daniel Castañón has trusted me to be part of the national team and this year we finished the European championship with bronze medal. Having had the opportunity to play two European Championships in just 3 years of flag is a tremendous honor.

Do you have any personal highlights?

Maybe the MVP of the season this year…. but I’m left with the blind trust that my teammates always have had on me as their QB, both at Foxes and in the Team Spain.

If people are looking for more information, where can they find you?

If someone wants more information about the tournament, accommodation, travels…. they should visit the FB page , or contact the organization by email at womensflagbowl@gmail.com

We also have a website here!

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